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Homebuyer Advantage

The Homebuyer's Advantage Program


“Let Us Give Your Credit File A Check Up.”


Not only can we get you a great mortgage loan, we also have the technology to ensure you can qualify with the healthiest credit file possible.


If you ever wondered what you could do to improve you credit and strengthen your credit scores, we have some very good news. The Homebuyer Advantage program utilizes revolutionary credit proofreading technology that will guide you to better, stronger credit as quickly as possible.


Did you know your credit file may contain errors or other issues that are holding down your credit score? Instead of simply qualifying based on your current credit score, we’ll use our credit proofreading technology to give your credit file a checkup and ensure your credit score is as strong as it can be.


Our technology will analyze how you use your credit cards and suggest slight changes that will strengthen your credit score.  We can even detect and remove any errors in your credit file that have been working against your credit score.


Our easy to follow, step by step plans can improve your credit health in as fast as 72 hours. Since healthier credit profiles often result in higher credit scores – we may be able to help you qualify for better rates and lower down payments.


HAP is computer based technology that removes the mystery from mortgage qualifying. Even if you have some late payments or other credit blemishes, AVAIL develops a plan that shows you exactly what you need to do to start improving your credit immediately.


Once you enroll in the year long program HAP begins helping you in three specific ways.


  1. HAP removes harmful credit errors. HAP scans your credit file and detects issues that may be harming your credit score. Errors in balances, past due amounts, account status and more wrongfully lower the credit scores. HAP finds these errors, and generates the correct documents to get them resolved. All you do is “print and mail”.
  2. HAP suggests better ways to use your credit cards. Did you know that more than 7 out of 10 people use credit cards in ways that unnecessarily lowers their credit scores? AVAIL studies your credit use and then offers suggestions that will strengthen your credit score.
  3. HAP prepares you for mortgage lenders. HAP knows how mortgage lenders view your credit file –and will give you suggestions to make it more attractive to them. It knows what areas of your credit file will trigger questions, and AVAIL tells you exactly how to prepare so you can improve you mortgage qualifying ability.


The benefit of having a high credit scores cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to getting you the best mortgage possible program, but what you may not know is that your credit score also affects: 


  • Auto Insurance Premiums: Credit scores are used to assess risk based premiums.
  • Auto loans and other big ticket item purchases: Interest rates and payments are determined by your credit score.
  • Major Credit Cards: Interest rate & terms are set forth by your credit score.
  • Employment Opportunities: Many employers pull your credit report, and use your credit history as a gauge to determine an individual’s trustworthiness, and ability to handle responsibility.
  • Memberships: (Health Clubs, Discount Warehouses, Online Retailers etc.) all use your credit score as a means of qualifying, and setting the terms of your membership.
  • Homeowners Insurance: Credit scores are used to assess risk based premiums.


So How Much Does The Homebuyers Advantage Program Cost? 


Here the exciting news! The fee for registering into the Homebuyers Advantage Program is only $497.00, and that’s not all!  Mortgage Services will credit back the cost of the entire program in FULL upon closing your home purchase or refinance loan using Mortgage Services, Inc.   


What To Do Next?


Start now!  Take control of your credit health.  Get all the facts and manage your credit report for better interest rates and better financial terms.  You may be able to save yourself thousands of dollars in wasted charges starting immediately.










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