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In January of 2007 Wiley Publishing contracted Richard Giannamore, CEO of Mortgage Services, Inc., to write the book "The High-Income Originator." John Wiley & Sons publishing company recognized Mortgage Services, Inc. as the benchmark for quality service and for the professionalism that it provides to its customers. The book provides an invaluable resource for any aspiring loan officer to learn what it takes to become the best they can be at providing the highest quality professional service to their customers. The book can be located at .

Since 1986, Mortgage Services, Inc. has built a reputation with its clients that is  “Second to None”.  Over 55% of our annual business is done by repeat customers, while the industry standard is close to 3%. Just think about it, we beat the industry standard by over 50+%. Amazing when you think of all of the major banks and financial institutions we compete against. Companies like Citicorp, Wells Fargo, Peoples, Fleet, Webster Financial and Bank America just to name a few, as well as all the e-mortgage companies.

What makes us so successful?  

Simple - the way we do business and the way we treat the customer. Our primary concern is to make the customer happy. We treat our customers with honesty and respect, and always with their best interest at heart. A lot of companies say that is what they are up to, but the proof is in the fact that only 3% of their customers are willing to go back to them. For Mortgage Services there is never a question about coming back. Some years it has been as high as a 60% return rate. Impressed? We are!

We know that if we only depended on our old clients for business we would not grow. Mortgage Services, Inc. has grown at an astounding rate over the past 20 years. Again, remarkable!  In the financial community Mortgage Services, Inc. is looked upon with envy and respect.

Mortgage Services, Inc. has proven that it knows how to run a successful retail mortgage operation. Whether  rates rise or rates go down our marketing strategy always has Mortgage Services, Inc. expanding.

Four Ways to Build a Career with Mortgage Services, Inc.

Our expansion plans now offer you a superior financial opportunity that people only dream about. We know that this opportunity is not right for everyone and that is why we will only accept qualified individuals who we feel have the right psychological makeup to ensure success.

Many companies start with a “VISION” that usually doesn’t go very far.

What started as a vision has now become a reality. With a staff of the right industry professionals we stand ready to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

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